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- Matthew McConaughey

Do you recognize “Greenlights” in your life? What about yellows and reds?

I thought about what category put this book under, and I choose self-development.

I considered biographies because Matthew McConaughey does not hold back about details in his personal life, which makes this book even more real!

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The first book I read in 2021.

We all know Matthew McConaughey his movies and his acting, I am a big fan of him, are you?
The incredible performance he puts in any role he takes, let you forget about the world for 90ish minutes.

When I first time heard about the upcoming book “Greenlights” by this famous actor, I thought that I have to read it as soon as possible.

I knew that Matthew McConaughey is not a typical “Holywood superstar”, he is a superstar for sure, but I always liked what he was saying, especially this speech.

Those few minutes, told me so much about him.

Simply having someone to chase, a person he wants to be in the future, to constantly keep working on himself to become a better person is a good direction to go for sure.

Such an easy and clear method to keep improving and grow personally, made me think about it. We often have people who inspire us, or we try to “keep up” with someone.

But chasing our own self is a totally different thing, I would even say genius in its simplicity.

The book Greenlights is so easy to read, a funny a smooth language makes it possible to read in one afternoon. Copies of a handwritten note, gives you feeling like you read the journal.

We will find an early life of Matthew McConaughey starting with his birthday, brothers and family going through green lights he got in his life, yellows, and reds too.

Most importantly he is showing a reader how red lights turned into greens in the perspective of time.

Let me show you a few sentences at the beginning of the book that sacks you in momentarily:

“I have done peyote in Real de Catorce, Mexico, in a cage with a mountain lion.
I’ve had seventy-eight stitches sewn into my forehead, by a veterinarian.
I’ve had four concussions from falling out of four trees, three of them on a full moon.
I’ve bongoed naked until the cops arrested me.”

Matthew McConaughey was writing a personal journal for 35 years of his 50 years of life.

It is impressive and it is proof of how important writing is! Going back to notes you took 1, 5 or 10 years ago gives you an overview of who you were years ago, and how you improved, changed your opinions and values.

It’s so important in our journeys called, lives.

I definitely plan my days, chase my goals, and now I am starting writing more! Are you?

Enjoy catching your “Greenlights”!


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