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Marketing Made Simple
- Donald Miller with Dr. J.J. Peterson

Did you think about how to market your brand? Or try to make more sales? Engage with your audience and make them take a specific action?

The simplicity of this approach is genius.

And it works in any type of business. If you are a flower shop, a coach, or you are selling stereo systems. This approach will work for all of them.


Marketing Made Simple


The book is written in simple language that is easy to consume and give you a clear plan to follow.

The method is base on StoryBrand, which I recommend reading first.

Marketing Made Simple describes the 5 most important pieces for every marketing plan.


1. One-Liner


1-2 sentences that will attract everyone who read it, if it is in signature on your email, on a business card or you say that during the conversation.

Developing the one-liner is a long process and needs to be thoughtful, remember that should include 3 things.

a. Problem
b. Solution
c. Result


Competitive cyclists always get concerned about their upcoming race so we provide you with a cycling coach, a customized training strategy, and a nutrition plan to help you level up your performance, break your own records, and inspire the world!


2. Wireframed Website


The most important marketing tool that should make you money is a website.

The right construction will increase the engagement of the visitor and “push” him towards taking specific actions. In this case, clicking a specific call to action or filling out a form.

Rember to include those parts on your website:

a. The Header

Top of your website, “the hook”, create a clear message on what you offer, to make them scroll down.

b. The Stakes

Create tension with a problem and negative outcomes, the visitor of your website needs to know what is he fighting against and understand that he needs help.

c. The Value Proposition

What is the positive outcome if they start working with you? Turn to the positive side and talk about the value they will receive if they decide to buy your solution

d. The Guide

Show you empathy and authority. Make your visitors feel that you experienced all their problems and you overcame them and found the solution to them.

They need to understand that you or your team is their guide on the way to success.

e. The Plan

You should make it very clear how you actually can help.

3-steps plan should convince consumers about how easy it is to work with you


  • Schedule a Call
  • We Craft a Plan for You
  • You Relax and Enjoy Your Day 

f. The Explanatory Paragraph

That is a good space to talk more about you and your solution as well as the results of using it.

g. The Video (Optional)

Very engaging option, even more, powerful than beautiful photography.

h. Price Choices (Optional)

You can make your pricing options available right away if you have fixed plans or you sell products.

i. Junk Drawer

Here is a place for your “menu” it should not be on the top of the website to cut cofiusion. Visitors will find all other pages of your website here.


3. Lead Generator


If someone is not ready to make a purchase on your website yet (which is totally fine), you need to capture his email address.

It allows you to engage with this person in the future through the email campaign, described in point 4 and 5.

How you can capture someone’s email?

To make someone give you personal information (name, email) you need to offer a value, that your visitor is interested in and the best if it can solve one of his problems. (Read more about lead generators here).


  • Ebooks
  • Courses 
  • Pdfs 
  • Trials 
  • Guides and manuals 
  • Events 
  • Webinars
  • Presentations 
  • Engaging content throughout your various marketing channels


4. Nurture Email Campaigns


After catching an email from a potential customer it is time to build trust, authority, and empathy. Nurture email campaign should focus on:

  • Solving problems
  • Offering value
  • Reminding that you have a solution
  • Sending consumers to your website


  • Weekly tips
  • Recipies
  • Leadership tips
  • Social media tips
  • Tips on SEO 


5. Sales Email Campaigns


The main goal of sales email campaigns is actually to make a sale. In Donald’s book we can find that this campaign should include 6 emails:

a. Deliver the Asset

It delivers a value that your “lead generator” promised to receive. A short email, just with a link to download and a thank you message.

b. Problem + Solution

After a few days, you can send the second email that focuses on the actual problem that you are solving and the solution that you have. It is not the time for sale yet, just let them know that you know their problem and you have a solution for them.

c. Customer Testimonial

Testimonials are a strong factor in making a decision, testimonials build trust between you and the consumer.

d. Overcome an Objection

Consumers still can have objections to buying your solution. It is time to focus on the emotional objections and help them to overcome them. It will help them to make a decision of buying your product or service.

e. Paradigm Shift

This is another way of overcoming an objection. Consumers can feel that they tried a similar solution before but it didn’t work out. You have to show them how you are that your solution will actually help them with solving the problem.

f. Sales Email 

Here is the time to make a sale, don’t try to make a sale, just make it. Give them a clear message, and make them accept or reject the offer. A good thing to do is creating a limited-time offer, that will create a feeling of losing the opportunity of getting a solution.


That book totally changed my marketing approach and gave me a very clear plan of action to follow.

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