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Why do I Write? Anne Frank’s Diary

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It all started on the previous Friday, it is my movie night so I was searching for one and I found an interesting title “Where is Anne Frank?“. It caught my curiosity as I enjoy this type of animation. Turned it on and got into it imminently, after 10 first minutes I was Googling “Anne Frank” a reading more about her story, I was blown away that I never heard of it before!

That’s how I learned about the book she wrote “The Diary of a Young Girl“, I bought it right away and knew that I will read it ASAP.

I don’t want to tell you the entire story of Anne’s Frank as I feel that it will spoil your journey of discovering this amazing person, but I have to warn you that it’s not an entirely happy story. It is rough but beautiful in its essence. I truly recommend getting to know Anne Frank better.

But let me step back a little, what does it all has to do with the “Why do I write?” title of this post?

It all started many years ago but I would go back to April 2020, when I actually started Google Docs named “Journal“. Yes, I started writing quick notes, a few times a week, about what happened this day, who I met, or where I went.

4/15 – pierwsza sprzedaż na Cyklopedia!
4/19 N – “Zycie za wszystko”, COVID-19 for around a month, Ruskie święta. Anna.

As you can see I use both languages, Polish and English, which makes it easier for me to write down my thoughts. After reading Anne Frank’s diary, I couldn’t resist writing more, it woke up some of my childhood dreams about writing.

I am trying to describe my days better and put more information in (sample below), also thinning making my blog more in a “diary” style so it is more interesting. I do have a separate page “Photo Journal” but maybe I should just keep it under the blog?

4/25/22 taking the red line downtown, switching to purple line on Wilson station (don’t ask me why). Way easier to get to work every day, smooth sailing. Someone asked me for $20 backs on Willson station! When I am giving him a few single dollar bills he is asking me for $10 one, I told him what I think of it and he got $2 (shouldn’t get anything, for his attitude. Usual lunch at Beatrix Market, new week special pizza Mediterranean (how to spell it?). Almost done with Diary of Anne Frank, kind of “afraid” of the ending. Finishing it on my way home on the train. Suddenly done on Aug 1, 1944. Extremely sad, but so true, like life, ending in the most unexpected moment, just a good reminder that nothing is forever. Getting home so much quicker getting a lot of things done. The neighbor on the other side feels like some movie of very modern associations where society lives in modern buildings where everything is visible. Big windows don’t hide anything until you want it.

I do enjoy writing because that just makes me happy, it feels like the easiest way to communicate with others. Thanks to my website and social media I can chase my childhood dream and write more about anything I want!

I will keep you posted on the progress and what I decide about the blog! What are your thoughts?

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