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Building a StoryBrand
- Donald Miller

Would you like to be able to take your visitors, customers, or follower into the journey? How you can create a “Story” around your company, blog, brand, or initiative?

Building a StoryBrand book will explain it to you and give a 7 elements plan of action to follow.

It will increase the number of your subscribers, visitors, sales, and overall engagement.


Building a StoryBrand


Building a StoryBrand teaches you storytelling that can be used in business, writing a book, or personal life.

After this book, I recommend reading Marketing Made Simple, which describes 5 pieces that you must have in your next marketing plan.

Let me introduce you 7 elements of a StoryBrand:


1. A Character


Most business owners and brands think that they are the main character in the story, it is actually wrong.

The main character (hero) should be your customer, follower, or the person you are engaging and the story is theirs.

Remember that all messages need to be focus on our main character, not you.


2. Has a Problem


All of us have some problems, slow computers that make us get less work done, not being strong enough to run a marathon or we don’t know how to change the tube in our bike.

To be able to engage with a visitor on your website or follower on our Instagram you need to pinpoint a specific problem and all things related to it. It gives your character confidence that he/she is in the right place.

Engagement with your content will increase as well as potential purchases or conversions.


3. And Meets a Guide


Here is a space for you, here you should show your authority and empathy, ensure your consumers that you have an experience with solving their problems, you know how to do it, you did it hundreds of times and you really understand their pains. You are here to help them.


4. Who Gives Them a Plan


You should make it very clear how you actually can help.

3-steps plan should convince consumers about how easy it is to work with you


a. Schedule a Call
b. We Craft a Plan for You
c. You Relax and Enjoy Your Day 


5. And Calls Them to Action


The action you want them to take: schedule a call, download an e-book or buy your product. If you believe the value that you provide it is a duty to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to take action that will help them receive it.

The best would be to have the same call to action on all your marketing materials, website, and email campaigns, so it’s very clear for the consumer, what he/she needs to do to get your solution and fixed their problems.


6. That Helps Them Avoid Failure


In that part, you should show your customer a failure that is waiting for him if he actually won’t take an action and use your solution.


  • They will not finish this marathon and they won’t be an inspiration to their kids and friends.
  • If they don’t fix this flat tire, they will skip their next ride and they won’t meet other active people who could show them new routes around them and finish with a lunch with new friends.

It should be very clear and they should be able to visualize the failure so they do anything to avoid it.


7. And Ends in a Sucess


To encourage them even more, do the same as you did with failure, show them what will be success that they can achieve if they use your solution.


  • They will finish a marathon, and become a local inspiration for others to do the same, work on their healthy lifestyle and fitness level.
  • If they fix this flat tire they will make new friendships which will turn into the love of their lives.


If you implement all those elements into your messages through all your media, people will be happy for you to be a part of their transformation.


Hi! My name is Damian, I live in Chicago since 2015, and I am a photographer, traveler, and coffee drinker.
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