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Photography Tips


Long Exposure in Photography

Long Exposure Photography

Long-exposure photography is one of the most fascinating genres and will hook you into photography forever. It will help you create the magical and ethereal…
Cyclists at the race testing panning photography

Panning Photography, Nail Your Settings!

Panning is a great way to produce images full of energy, motion, and even abstract effects. But how does it actually work? What techniques and…
How to use Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds in Photography, How to Use

The Rule of Thirds is one of the most well-known techniques you can learn to create better compositions and can help you progress from "taking…

Learn More About Coffee



How Do You Make a Good Iced Coffee at Home?

Iced coffee is a popular drink all over the world. It’s sweet, refreshing, and creamy, especially on a summer day. There are many different types…
Ralph's Coffee

Ralph’s Coffee, Chicago

Newly open coffee shop by Ralph Lauren brand. Ralph's Coffee can be found in a few locations around the world, this is the first one…

The Best Coffee Shops in Cape Town, South Africa

Hello! On my last trip to Cape Town, South Africa I got a chance to visit a few really good coffee shops, here is a…

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Table Mountain
Photo Journal

South Africa (Photo Journal)

Simply want to share the best photos from my trip to South Africa, mostly from Cape Town, Cape Of Good Hope, and Stellenbosch. Enjoy! Some…
Cape Town Travel Guide

Cape Town Travel Guide!

Intro to Cape Town Travel Guide   "Mother City", was founded in 1652 and named this way becouse it was the first city in South…
Photo Journal

Custom Suit or Shirt? Only Nicholas Joseph in Chicago!

My adventure with Nicholas Joseph started a couple of weeks ago when I won the raffle for a custom shirt! (That is a story itself).…

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Coffee Flavor Wheel

Coffee Flavor Wheel

Engage with your morning coffee in a completely new way, taste coffee like never before, and learn more about the flavor, acidity, texture, and aftertaste of coffee.

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