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On February 17th for the first time, I got a chance to experience a Catholic Impact Networking Group meeting, and it was awesome!

My friend Maricela invited me and we drove together to Oak Brook where Steven Thomas was a speaker, that is when I learned more about Steven and his writing.

Ok, yes I did look him up before (guilty) I wanted to check out who is he, and I found that he wrote a book “Catholic Joe Superhero”, honestly I was a little skeptical at first.

Let me explain why, I am a traditional Catholic and I am a little “old school” or maybe I just want to follow the rules that were in the Catholic Church for centuries instead of going with the “modernism” of the last decades and take things as easy as possible.

But enough about me, when I heard Steven speaking, I started liking him immediately, he was a fun guy (I also met his wife Ginny, who is a videographer!), a good speaker and an even better writer!

I was blessed with a free copy of the book and Steven signed it for me. We chatted for a little bit and I went back home.

What could I do next?

I started reading it, and I liked it since page one, it is an “easy to read” book (I am Polish and English is my second language). Steven mentioned that you have to go through the first 30 pages, why? Because it is a lot of military stuff, Joe is a military guy. I am not a fan of guns, but this is a part of the story. I don’t want to spoil any of the book for you but I can say a few things:

  1. Joe is CATHOLIC.
  2. Joe is focused on the relationship with God.
  3. Joe will protect his family no matter the price.

There is also a subject of corruption in the church, and you know the book is fiction, but I think that it is always a good time to point out things that are not “ideal” Catholic Church, I love the Church, and the only way to heal it to stand in true, realize that there is a problem and then address it.

Also, a huge part is marriage, that book is dedicated to it and addresses the problem of divorce in today’s world.

I will recommend that book, it made me want to be a better man, who is rooted in God and who can fight for his family.

I will go further and say that every Catholic and non-catholic should read this book, it shows how a real Catholic should be living and I think it is a beautiful example of it!


The second book is in production!

Get your book today!


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