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Photography has impacted society in various ways. Its use in both professional and personal settings allows everyone to capture beautiful moments and wonder which they can then share with the world. Photography also helps individuals to capture important moments and revisit them time and time again. Social media has significantly altered the face of photography. Below is a brief explanation of how social media has changed photography over the years.

Impact of the digital era on Photography


The digital era means digital technologies everywhere in the world. Digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation in our history. The first digital cameras hit shelves in 1995 and allowed users a way to capture and view photos without film, negatives, or physical prints. Camera phones became popular and offered an easier way to share images, through the resolution and quality of the photos. As mobile phone cameras became more advanced and digital cameras were able to produce higher-quality images. after it’s been taken and allows for easier photo editing as well. People can upload their photos easily through the social media.

Social media gives us a creativity boost


Nowadays, social media is very popular among the people. It has many advantages to create new ideas. One of the easiest ways to use social media to take new ideas, create new styles, and spark your creativity is to follow accounts, and groups that relate to your interests, passions, or goals. You can discover new trends, styles, or perspectives that can inspire your own work.

As smartphone technology continues to improve the quality of the photos that are taken improves as well. Smartphones increase our photographic skills. It provides an opportunity for folks to harness their inner Ansel and get creative.

The psychological impact of social media on Photography


Photography is a favorite hobby for some people. Photography allows someone to express themselves to others. It also helps bring focus to positive life experiences, increases self-confidence, enhances your self-worth, and even reduces daily stress. Social media encourages someone to express their personal photography. Photographic memory is the ability to remember a past scene in detail with great accuracy. Generally, we are better at remembering what we have seen than what we have heard. We can share our happy moments, achievements, our childhood photographs, etc on social media. Our friends and relatives saw them and make some good comments on them. These happy comments made our day. People are excited to share their recent shots with their friends and family, which in turn encourages others to get out there and capture the moment. So, the psychological impact of social media on photography is more than we think. 

The impact of social media on Photography as an art


There was a time when photography was a valuable and precise art. But now it has turned into a common thing in our daily life. We are taking our regular selfies, uploading them on social media, and enjoying our life. But many years ago, you only had so many shots per roll to capture the perfect image. Once captured, you had to meticulously work on improving the negatives in the darkroom, hoping to wind up with the image you envisioned in your head.

Social media photography is very popular nowadays. It’s simply exchanging one marginalized audience for another and sharing photographs with each other. Social media can draw more viewers to come to galleries and different exhibitions. The good impact of social media on photography is that those who can not go in person to the galleries at least have the opportunity to view work online.

Social media makes photography easier to keep in touch on a global scale and to maintain friendships worldwide. Social media opens up a new venue for sharing and experiencing creativity, interacting globally, and making a difference.

Has print Photography vanished?


People are not printing pictures as much as before. But there are still people who like to print. There was a time when printing photography was a precise art. Parents printed their children’s photographs to remember their joyful childhood. Lovers printed their sweetheart photos and kept them in their wallets to remember their loving faces. The printed photograph helps us to remember our past.

In modern civilization, the rate of printing photography is decreasing rapidly. Because of smartphones, digital cameras, and social media, people are not interested in printing photographs. But the rate is increasing at a good rate. Slowly people will understand the importance of printing photographs again.

The GOOD impact of printing your Photographs


There are many good impacts of printing photography. Print photography is not just about preserving our sweet memories. It’s important to remember our sweet past and hold our lifetime memories. When we feel lonely, printing photography gives us enough joy of happiness and helps to recollect our old golden days. Printing photos prominently in the house sends the message that our family and those in it are important to one another. We honor the old memories we have experienced.

In this digital era, we should increase awareness of the importance of printing photographs. David Krauss, a licensed psychologist has also been a strong print advocate. He co-authored “Phototherapy and Mental Health” in 1983, for the use of photography in therapy.

Are you a fan of print photography? How has social media impacted your photography? Let me know in the comments!


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