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From clothing to decor, style choices vary from couple to couple. One of the most important stylistic decisions all couples make is choosing a wedding photographer. You should choose your wedding photography style before you reach out to potential photographers. 

From candid to classic, here’s everything you need to know about wedding photography styles to help you decide on your photographer.



Wedding Photography Styles TraditionalTraditional and classic wedding photos are comparable to those owned by many couples’ parents. These intricate shots, usually posed and taken at eye level, may not be very artistic, but they are timeless. Most photographers use traditional photography in some capacity, especially when doing family portraits after a wedding.



Wedding Photography Styles Editorial PhotojournalisticThe photojournalistic style is all about telling a story.  Photojournalists try to capture the action without undue influence from the photographer, much like a news reporter at a major event. This style intends to capture the real moments of your wedding day as they evolve. 

Fine Art


Wedding Photography Styles Editorial Fine ArtWith the fine art style, the photographer aims to create a visual masterpiece in their images. They will take the time to consider the subject, background, lighting, and composition to create a beautiful view! These photos usually have an “editorial” feel and may even be featured in high fashion and bridal publications.



Wedding Photography Styles EditorialEditorial photos, on the other hand, are considerably more staged and resemble images from a fashion magazine. This style is less common in wedding photography, but many photographers have mastered it. Their business has expanded by specializing in it.

Most of the time, couples know what they want when planning their wedding. They expect different things from their wedding photos. They imagine it looks like a high-end, luxury photo shoot.



Wedding Photography Styles AerialDrone photos are a fantastic add-on that an increasing number of photographers are now offering, but you probably don’t want to use aerial photography to document your entire wedding day. Aerial photography is a great option for photo sessions, ceremony exits, and outdoor receptions. 



Landscape photography is an established and popular photo style outside of the wedding industry, but it has become a popular add-on for wedding photographers shooting in highly scenic destinations such as mountains or beaches. In this case, the photographer works to scout out the area with the couple ahead of time. The landscape wedding photographer then captures an adventurous scene with the couple as part of the landscape image for scale and epic beauty.

Black and white


Black-and-white wedding photos are more about editing than photography style, although some photographers only use black-and-white cameras.

It’s always a great idea to include some classic black-and-white shots in your wedding photography because these timeless images never age. Black and white adds a layer of depth and can elevate particularly emotional photographs. Photographers can be selective with which images they decide to make in black and white, or you can choose to have each photograph in both color and black and white, depending on what you prefer.

Dark and Moody


To create this type of photography, which is filled with a sense of mystery and romance, your photographer will play a lot with light and shadow. These dramatic, dark, contemporary photos, which often feature accents of blue, black, and dark green, can be a great addition to your photobook if you want to give it a special touch.

Wedding Flash Photography Style


Wedding Photography Styles FlashIt’s not technically a new style of wedding photography, but it has grown in popularity in recent years. There are two reasons why this style is trending. Your photos will stand out because the flash points directly at the person or object, making the image sharper. 


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