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Riviera Maya Taco & Tequila Bar is located… like I found out a few hours from the photoshoot, in Indiana!
I missed that information when my friend Sam reached out to me around 2 weeks ago. Being sure it is in Chicago I agreed to help him with the shoot ?.
Drove to work on Friday to be able to quickly get on the job, after finding out where is it, it slightly discourage my spirit, but I gave my word, so went there straight after finishing at the office around 5:30 pm.
Let me tell you that was worth it!
Meeting 3 great models, ChloƩ, Kelly, and Alexis. Vibrant women, so easy to photograph, that was only a pleasure to work with. I think that photos will say more!
Coffee With Damian
Photography for Small Business
Coffee With Damian

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