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The complete guide to wedding photography prices




Every wedding is incomplete without a great photographer who captures every beautiful moment of the wedding. Aside from your photographer’s portfolio, one of the most important considerations when choosing a wedding photographer is the cost of wedding photography.

You may not know what is a good price for wedding photography if you’ve recently started searching the market. Charges close to the going rate for a wedding photographer in your area may seem more manageable. However, you should investigate a few other aspects that will affect the cost of your wedding photos.

The average cost of a wedding photographer


Wedding photographers typically cost between $1,150 and $3,000 in the United States, with the average wedding photographer costing around $2,000. There are a plethora of wedding photographers in the US, almost all of whom are willing to travel, with a wide range of experiences and styles. Now, let’s discuss the cost of a wedding photographer and the factors that go into determining them.

Wedding photography prices can vary depending on the location of your wedding:

The total cost of wedding photography may increase or decrease depending on the region.  For example, Jenny Fu of Jenny Fu Studio in New York City reveals that wedding photography costs in Manhattan range from $8,000 to $10,000. “Photographers in cities like New York City often charge more for the cost of living and their business,” she says. If you’re getting married outside of an expensive city like the Midwest, prices are usually lower.

Wedding photography prices may vary depending on the timing of your wedding.

Photographers have long days at weddings.  Typically, they begin with taking pictures of the bride getting ready in the morning and continue until the final guest leaves the evening celebration. If you don’t have the budget for the wedding photographer you want, you could enquire about a half-day rate.

Selecting the key moments to be photographed in the ceremony, pictures of the wedding party, and some lovely portraits in the venue’s gardens, and then booking your chosen wedding photographer to cover those types of photos only.

This is especially beneficial for hourly-paid wedding photographers.  Additionally, keep in mind that you decide what order your day goes.  For instance, you may reschedule your cake-cutting ceremony for earlier in the day, when the wedding photographer will be present to capture the moment. 

Wedding photography prices may vary depending on your wedding date:

If you are getting married during the wedding season, your wedding photographer may be willing to make a better deal. And if you get married during the week, you’ll get better rates. There are numerous specialist wedding photographers who offer an additional midweek wedding package at a lower price than their weekend package.

Wedding photography prices may vary if you choose to go digital-only:

Purchasing the digital rights to your images means that you can get albums, photo books, and frames. However, be mindful of hidden expenses. If you want any physical photographs of your wedding then you will have to bear the cost of doing that yourself.

Affordable Chicago Wedding Photographer

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Average Wedding Photographer Costs in Chicago


Affordable Cost ($1,000 – $2,000)


Beginners and Hobbyists: This category will include people who are just starting a wedding photography business, or are just considering it as a hobby. Although they have shot some weddings, they don’t have enough experience to be considered professionals.

Brand Insider and Celebrity Photographer ($10,000+)


When it comes to average Chicago wedding photographer prices, these photographers are at the top of the range. These types of professional photographers usually quote a high starting price based on filling a niche. 

Individual Artists and Small Studios ($3,000 – $8,000)


Individual Artist: Among low-cost high-volume photography studios and celebrity wedding photographers, wedding photography boutiques consist of wedding photographers who work independently or in small teams of one to three additional professionals. 

Small studios: 

Small studios usually consist of a group of wedding photographers who collaborate to run a decent company. You’ll get the same personalized, upscale treatment you’d get from a boutique photography studio, with the added benefit of choosing from several well-connected professionals to find the ideal photographer. 

These two photography businesses have all the equipment needed to handle any type of wedding day, including liability insurance, backup equipment, and the latest technology. Most photographers in these two categories usually start around $4,000. Check out my wedding photography packages.



A wedding is a very memorable event in a person’s life. So, it is a case of first understanding how important your marriage is to you and your family, and also how much you are going to value the images later. Then you have to fix the photography budget. Once you have a healthy budget, search with as many photographers as you think fit your style. Then you need to talk to the photographers and get to know them to help ensure that you are going to get the best photographer to capture your precious wedding moments.

Affordable Chicago Wedding Photographer

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