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In this article I don’t want to just review SmallRig RC 60B, I want to also focus on how to keep it going for 2 or more hours without cords for the lowest possible price!

After 5 days of testing using 4 power banks, I have results. And I am excited to share them with you, as they are surprising!

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SmallRig RC 60B


There is a lot of COB light on the market, but this one stood out to me for a few reasons:

  • built-in battery,
  • USB-C input (the only input there is),
  • very small and still powerful (60W),
  • mount for the battery, and power bank.
  • extra small handle to easily carry the light
  • super easy to mount on any stand
  • dimensions of 115 x 85 x 85mm and a body weight of only 650g, 1.4lb.
  • 1.3″ LED color screen
  • super easy to use
  • nine light effects

the only con I would have is that any diffusers need to be bought separately.

It generates light at 11,200 lux at one meter, has color temperature control from 2700K – 6500K, has a built-in cooling system, very quiet about 23dB. It comes in a nice case with a few accessories: a mini reflector, support column (small handle), adapter (to put it on any standard light stand), power bank holder, and 2x USB-C cable. This light connected with this carbon stand gives us the most portable set that can be used everywhere and can easily be packed in a carry-on bag.

I think that is all you need to know about the light to make sure we can use it for our needs or not, or maybe one more thing!

How we can power it and for how long? That you will find below!

Power Banks (INIU, Anker)


INIU and Anker are both well-established brands in the world of power banks and power stations. Anker offers extended power stations for any occasion, that can power your entire camp side when you are out in the wilderness, also offers solar panels that will help you recharge.

INIU focuses on power banks and cables and offers perfect quality at very competitive prices. If you are looking to power any mobile device, they are the brand to go.

Anker and INIU power banks to charge Smallrig RC 60B

Equipment used for a test



  • SmallRig RC 60B, 60W

Power Banks

  • INIU B61 10,000 mAh, 22.5W
  • INIU B62 20,000 mAh, 65W
  • Anker Prime 20,000 mAh, 100W
  • Anker 737 24,000 mAh, 100W

Charger (to recharge light and power banks)

  • Apple 60W charger




Power Banks

Results (how long would light work)


SmallRig RC 60B2 categories

I. How long would light work on its own, with a built-in battery and different output?
II. How long would light work with every power bank and different output?

Categorie I

SmallRig RC 60B

at 100% – 34:14 min
at 66% – 55:23 min
at 33% – 1:33h

Categorie II

SmallRig RC 60B + INIU B61 10,000 mAh

at 100% – 2:06h, (drop in output after 46 min to about 66%)
at 66% – 2:04h, (drop in output after 1:32h to about 33%)
at 33% – 3:06h

SmallRig RC 60B + INIU B62 20,000 mAh

at 100% – 1:58h
at 66% – 2:23h
at 33% – 4:34h

SmallRig RC 60B + Anker Prime 20,000 mAh

at 100% – 1:33h (The power bank died after 58 minutes, it is charging too fast!)
at 66% – 2:16h
at 33% – 4:19h

SmallRig RC 60B + Anker 737 24,000 mAh 

at 100% – 1:01h (started blinking after 1:01 h, was not usable after that even at the lower output!)
at 66% – 3:53h (started blinking after 1:36 h, rest of time was on 33% of output)
at 33% – 4:51h

Charging time (from 0% to 100%)

SmallRig RC 60B – 1:41h
INIU B61 10,000 mAh – 3:14h
INIU B62 20,000 mAh – 1:47h
Anker Prime 20,000 mAh – 1:04h
Anker 737 24,000 mAh – 1:28 h



The best performing compared to the price is INIU B62 20,000 mAh, you have a quick charging time and the longest time for light to work at specific output power. Anker power banks would be much better for charging your laptop and good speed, or bigger lights, are overkill for this light. I also like INIU B61 10,000 mAh for a great price and running time, but you have to consider that the output power of your light will change! Check out all their power banks.

I hope you find it review useful, it took 5 days of testing, and I will be glad for likes, comments, and shares, thanks!


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