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Wishing to create a memorable, lively, and enjoyable wedding reception for your guests? Some couples choose to start the celebration with interactive activities such as icebreakers, games, and wedding reception playlists, in addition to a sumptuous feast and unlimited drinks. Large outdoor weddings with lots of space for guests to spread out are ideal for these kinds of activities, but indoor weddings are also a great option.

Go ahead and include a few games in your wedding if you think it will make for an enjoyable day. I’ve compiled a list of the top 21 games and activities that guests of all ages will love for a wedding reception.

List of wedding games ideas


Wedding Lawn Games


Start the post-ceremony festivities with wedding yard games to make the most of the lovely weather and an exquisite outdoor wedding venue. Arrange enjoyable games on the lawn that complement your interior design. Consider your theme and color palette when choosing outdoor games for your wedding, and don’t forget to include special details that will help your story come to life.

1. Giant Connect Four


Make this beloved childhood game even bigger by scaling it up. Paint the playing pieces in two of your wedding’s colors to add a personal touch, then start having fun connecting the dots.

2. Cornhole


Cornhole is the ideal lawn game for couples who wish to incorporate extras into the overall wedding theme. Both the boards and the bean bags were painted and customized by this artistic couple.

3. Ring Toss


Enjoy a ring toss game in honor of the exchange of rings with your spouse. To make the tossers evocative of your wedding rings, paint glass wine or soda bottles in the colors of your wedding. Then, decorate the bottles with faux jewels.

4. Jenga


Jenga is a classic block-stacking game that everyone loves. Any outdoor or tent reception area gains a playful and whimsical touch from the classic tabletop version. Upgrade to a life-size set of blocks instead, so that family and friends can construct and destroy things together.

5. Ladder Golf


Ladder golf, a terrific game for two or more players, is another well-liked activity at parking lot gatherings. Using two golf balls fastened to either end of a nylon rope, each team takes turns hurling bolas toward the ladder. The winning squad is the first to 21 points.

6. Checkers


Get the party started with an easy and enjoyable checkers mat that is big enough to serve as a picnic blanket, or make your own at home.

7. Badminton


Inspire guests to volley the birdie back and forth by setting up a net. A broad macramé curtain hung from a rod on stands would be a creative way to complete a bohemian look. You can add lights to the net to make it a nighttime option so that the wedding lawn games continue long after the sun sets.

8. Croquet


A croquet match is fun for everyone. Give your guests a mallet so they can strike a match on the grass.

9. Giant Dice


Shake things up with a giant set of dice! This unexpected reception game is perfect for bringing guests together.

10. Bocce Ball


Are you looking for soil, asphalt, or grass-based outdoor wedding games? Play bocce ball. The Italian game of boules is a great way for guests to get together and compete because it can be played by two players or by two teams of two, three, or four.

11. Giant Chess


Many resort wedding venues have a giant chess board as a permanent fixture, so it’s simple to incorporate this timeless game into your reception schedule. If not, you can rent one and set it up outside.

12. High Striker


At this classic carnival game to see who’s the strongest, guests will be lining up for their chance to wield the mallet.

13. Tic-Tac-Toe


A large yard version of Tic-Tac-Toe is a quick and easy do-it-yourself project that requires little space. Simply arrange some ribbon or rope in a grid, then paint your Xs and Os on woodblocks.

Wedding Reception Games


Bring in the entire group with games for the wedding reception when you want more interaction between the guests than just those at each table. Some games challenge your guests to join in on the fun, while the ever-popular Wedding Shoe Game highlights the newlyweds.

14. Wedding Shoe Game


One of our favorite games to play during wedding receptions is the Shoe Game! In front of their guests, the newlyweds take a seat and sit side by side. Everybody has one pair of shoes—their own and their partner’s. The couple must respond to the following questions simultaneously by holding up the shoe that matches their response. The emcee or a member of the bridal party serves as the host. The shoe game takes about fifteen minutes to complete, and it asks questions such as these:

1. Who first said, “I love you”?
2. Who made the first move?
3. Who has more stylish clothing?
4. Who is the better dancer?
5. Who has the better singing voice?
6. Who says I love you more?
7. Whose phone battery is always fully charged?
8. Who can cook better?
9. Who made the first move for a kiss?

Even though your guests won’t be participating in the game, they will be laughing heartily as your responses disclose the real feelings you have for one another in this game.

15. The Kissing Game


This is a fun game that encourages guest interaction. Use a large die to determine the type of pucker-up. Label every side with “peck on the cheek,” “showstopper kiss,” “take a selfie kiss,” “roll again,” “bride(s) kisses guests” along with “groom(s) kisses guests.” Each time you hear that distinctive clinking sound, roll the die.

16. Word Search


Convert a chalkboard into an imaginative word search that you can let your guests attempt to solve throughout the evening. The secret to making this word search game yourself is to use permanent paint for each letter and only use chalk to circle words. Use your imagination to include quirky facts about your relationship that your guests will discover.

17. Stand Up, Sit Down


It can be awkward for guests to sit through the entire reception. Get people moving by posing questions about the bride and groom and asking them to stand or sit. This trivia game will get people moving.

Reception Table Games


Another option is games for guests to play at their tables at the reception. Table games are a great way to break the ice between strangers or pass the time while waiting for the newlyweds to arrive at the event.

18. Musical Chairs


Musical Chairs at weddings involve arranging chairs in a circle, playing music, and having guests walk around. When the music stops, they scramble to find a seat. The person left standing without a chair is out, and a chair is removed. The game continues until one guest remains, adding a fun and lighthearted element to the wedding celebration. You can make it even more engaging when after the music stops playing you ask for the object to bring!

19. Mad Libs, the Wedding Version


Make these free-to-download wedding Mad Libs unique so that guests can pick them up during the evening by leaving them on tables throughout the reception.

It’s an entertaining method to start a conversation and make everyone laugh, and reading it together later will be enjoyable and guaranteed to make you both laugh aloud.

Kids Games


Provide games and activities specifically designed to keep your youngest guests engaged. These are some of our best kid-friendly wedding game ideas!

20. Lego Centerpieces


Creating a Lego centerpiece is a great option for the kids’ table. Through the reception, the children can break it down and construct their creations, dismantling and then rebuilding.

21. Coloring Corners


Make a coloring book for the younger members of the kids’ group based on the specifics of your wedding. Together with it, give them a favor box full of stickers, colored pencils, and crayons so they can customize their take-away activity book.

There are plenty of options to show your guests a great time, whether your wedding is large or small, indoors or out, and includes children or not. One of the best ways to start the party is by adding games to the cocktail hour or reception.


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