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If you’re already married, you probably remember the feeling of impatiently checking your email every few hours in anticipation of your wedding photos. Joy when that email finally pops up. Hours spent looking at the album and reliving every part of your wedding day. You may have shared a couple on your Instagram and printed a few for photos around your home, but then what? More often than not, most of your photos sit in albums and are viewed a few times a year, if that.

If you’re not sure what to do with your wedding photos, an album is probably your best bet. Today, in this blog we will discuss the top 11 things to do with your wedding photos.

1. Back them up!


You should always make multiple copies of your wedding photos and make sure they are stored in multiple places. Whether you make a few extra USB copies and keep some in a safe deposit box and give other USBs to trusted family members or use online photo storage sites like Google Drive or Dropbox is up to you, but you should make multiple copies and it’s as Make it as soon as possible!

2. Make a Gallery Wall


We love gallery walls because we can display many photos in one place and look at them every day. So choose a blank wall in your home and let it make a statement If your home is more of a muted design, turn them into black and white photos Whether you’re picking out something you love, showing off a party, or telling a story from start to finish, photographs are one of our favorite ways to decorate our home spaces.

When it comes to choosing frames for a gallery wall, you have a few different options. You can do a more abstract wall that features different types of frames, or you can do a grid pattern to match the frames.

3. Get a Wedding Album


Wedding albums are a great way to be able to keep a ton of your photographs in one place. It’s not necessarily something you’ll see or see every day, but it’s something you can look at over the years and pass down the generations. Many photographers offer the option of ordering a wedding album directly through them, you can use a service to design and print one yourself, or you can get a traditional photo album and put small 4×6 photos in each pocket. Get your photos printed in a physical form so you can look back at them and see a complete picture of what your day was like.

4. Wedding photo box


Creating a box with photos from your wedding day is a great idea. Additionally, it is an excellent gift for other important people in your life, such as your parents or relatives. Add a few of your favorite photos inside for a sweet finishing touch.

5. Get a collage framed


Instead of framing large photos, you can consider creating a collage inside a frame as a beautiful memento of your wedding day. 

6. Office/workplace display


Your office or workplace is another area where having some personal memories can brighten your day. While large wall prints are usually used for the home, prints or folios are perfect for your workspace.

7. Share Them with Others 


Your family members can get a copy of your album. They often want to be present on your special day as well, since they often appear in pictures and adore you. We have many stories about taking photos as guests at weddings and seeing the results. Send them a special photo so they can enjoy it, like a great photo of you and your friend dancing, a cute photo of your cousin and her husband, or another special photo.

8. Create a Unique Display


We’ve all seen pictures in frames, and even though we love them, there can only be so many gallery walls and picture frames. One of our favorite uses is to select the best wedding photos and consider creative ways to print your photos for display, whether you want to turn it into a painting, get a hanging canvas, print on wood, metal or glass, or a photo. Split it into multiple prints to create larger images. This will attract attention and highlight why this is a unique image.

9. Make ‘Thank You’ Cards


You can either make the cards directly, or you can print them and put them inside the envelope. Some photographers offer their customers online galleries where they can purchase personalized cards from the gallery.

10. Give as a gift


Gifting beautifully printed photos, especially matted photos or albums will make your parents, relatives, or friends smile as much as they did on their wedding day.

11. Digital Display


Add your photos to the slideshow feature if you have smart devices or other digital photo frames at home. This is a great way to hang different pictures on your wall without buying a frame and some nails. While nothing compares to the elegance and impact of high-quality prints, digital displays allow you to integrate your memories into everyday life.


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