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10 best travel insurance you should know!


Travel insurance helps you protect the financial investment you make on your vacation. It can also help you with unplanned expenses, such as the need to buy clothes or toiletries if your luggage is lost or delayed, or for an overnight hotel stay if your flight is canceled.

The Best Travel Insurance Companies


  • Allianz Travel Insurance
  • World Nomads Travel Insurance
  • HTH Travel Insurance
  • Seven Corners
  • Generali Global Assistance
  • IMG Travel Insurance
  • Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • AIG Travel
  • Travelex Insurance Services

Allianz Travel Insurance


You can buy coverage for a specific trip from Allianz Travel Insurance. If you travel often and want to avoid buying a new travel insurance policy every time, you can also buy an annual travel insurance plan.

When purchasing travel insurance for a specific trip, Allianz offers different levels of coverage. Although each plan comes with its own inclusions and coverage limits, this is the most popular

Allianz allows you to apply for a travel insurance quote, file a claim, manage your policy or pursue a claim online.

In addition, the company offers a smartphone app that allows you to manage your plans from your mobile device of choice.

World Nomads Travel Insurance


Here, you will have a choice between two travel insurance plans, a standard plan or an explorer plan. The Standard plan offers a lower level of coverage for more affordable upfront costs, while the Explorer plan offers stronger coverage for higher premiums.

Other types of coverage you get with both plans include trip cancellation, trip interruption, loss or damage to baggage and personal effects, rental car coverage, accidental death and breakdown, and more.

HTH Travel Insurance


With HTH Travel Insurance, consumers have a wide range of options that can meet different goals. You can buy medical-only coverage for a single trip or multiple trips, individual trip cancellation coverage, and more.

In addition to coverage for specific components of your trip, HTH Travel Insurance also offers comprehensive travel insurance coverage. The plans come in three tiers: Economy, Classic and Preferred

Seven Corners


Seven Corners offers travel insurance plans for US residents and travel insurance with medical coverage for US travelers. It has group and annual travel insurance plans for regular travelers.


Generali Global Assistance


Generali Global Assistance offers three travel insurance plans that you can customize to suit your needs – a standard plan, a preferred plan, and a premium plan. Its standard plan offers the lowest level of coverage, while the premium plan offers more coverage and higher limits for increased upfront costs.

IMG Travel Insurance


IMG Travel Insurance focuses on three main types of coverage – Travel Medical Insurance, International Health Insurance, and Traditional Travel Insurance. The company also offers a GlobeHopper Senior Plan that is suitable for retired travelers aged 65 and above. It has also plans specifically designed for students, business travelers, and government employees.

AXA Assistance USA


AXA Assistance USA has three levels of travel insurance (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) for customers who want to pay more (or less) to get the right amount of coverage. Gold plan is AXA’s mid-tier option with 100% coverage for trip cancellation, 150% coverage for trip interruption, $200 per day for trip delay ($1,000 maximum), $1,000 in missed connection coverage, and $500,000 coverage for medical emergencies. Evacuation, and $100,000 in accident and illness coverage. The Gold plan includes $300 coverage for baggage delays and $1,500 coverage for baggage and personal effects.

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection


Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection lets you choose from a selection of travel insurance plans and get a free online quote in minutes. The company also offers Berkshire Hathaway which makes it easy to file a claim online using its online portal and you can view your policy and manage its details online. Berkshire Hathaway also says it pays claims five times faster than the industry average, which is worth considering if you’re worried about delayed claims and reimbursement times.

Nationwide Insurance


Nationwide Insurance offers a few different types of travel insurance to suit the needs of different travelers: cruise insurance, annual trip insurance, and single-trip insurance. Nationwide single-trip insurance offers two plans: Essential and Prime.

The Standard Essential Plan covers up to $10,000 in trip cancellations, up to $250,000 in emergency medical evacuations, up to $150 per day reimbursement for travel delays of six hours or more, and delayed or lost baggage coverage.

AIG Travel


AIG Travel offers three types of travel insurance plans: annual plans for all travel within a year, pack n’ go plans for last-minute trips, and single-trip plans.

The amount and limits of your plan coverage may vary depending on the details of your trip. This variability makes it essential to get a quote through the AIG Travel search engine to verify the coverage you may qualify for.

Travelex Insurance Services


Travelex offers two main travel insurance plans, Travel Basic and Travel Select. It allows you to tailor your policy to meet your unique needs with optional add-ons

If you’re looking for an affordable plan, you should consider your company’s Travel Basic plan.


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