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Drunken Sailer – Irish Rovers song is constantly in my head! Great weekend spent on the boat, sleeping there on Sunday to Monday night, enjoying perfect weather and good cigars.

Getting to the Burnham Harbor on Sunday afternoon, where Chris was already enjoying a cold beer and a light breeze from the lake. Long conversations with ending watching the movie “Cadillac Records”. The main character (Andrien Brody) is helping black people in 40′, 50′ 60′ by promoting them as singers, an unbelievable story (I need to review this movie).

I slept like a baby, not even feeling that I am on the boat, perfectly steady water allowed us to sleep until 6:30 am.

Since the morning of, of course on my mind, there was another coffee shop! I wanted to find a new one that I can review, and Chris really liked this idea. We started with breakfast at Edie’s All Day Café & Bar which I reviewed before in my article about the best coffee shops in Chicago.

As good as it was 10 out of 10! We wanted to explore Chicago a little more on this beautiful summer Monday morning, we decided that we will hunt down a new coffee shop no matter what. After a few that actually were closed on Labor Day, we finally get to some very special place.


FROTH located in The Duncan building is more than an awesome place! Feels like an old library with dark floors and furniture and high ceilings. It s actually a lobby or apartment building. Checked the prices and signed up for the waiting list ;).


After that, we got back on the boat and wait for our friends to get dreamlike sailing ⛵️.

To the next one!


Welcome to my blog! My name is Damian, I live in Chicago since 2015. I love to share my experience and knowledge on 3 subjects Photography, Coffee and Travel! Let me tell your story and capture memories with beautiful photography! Honorable Mention Award from “MIFA” – Moscow International Foto Awards.

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