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Arrr, any pirates here? If you are not a pirate why are you even here? Leave right now! I found the treasure beyond measure, finally! Finally, get my hands on a special coin of “Pete’s Pirate Life” also known as Peter McKinnon.

After searching the open seas of the internet for so long finally spotted a perfect occasion to put my hands on this beauty. Bealive me it ain’t easy! I spend months trying to get it, there are so many greedy pirates out there who want it as much as I do.

But now I am not giving it away, so stay away!

You would need to challenge me to the duel, there is no other option! 🏴‍☠️



Welcome to my blog! My name is Damian, I live in Chicago since 2015. I love to share my experience and knowledge on 3 subjects Photography, Coffee and Travel! Let me tell your story and capture memories with beautiful photography! Honorable Mention Award from “MIFA” – Moscow International Foto Awards.

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