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There are a ton of memorable wedding moments that you shouldn’t miss. You’ll want to keep a record of the entire day, from your pre-wedding preparations to your post-wedding dancing.

The majority of professional photographers have a standard shot list that includes all the fundamental shots you’ll want to have taken. You can give them this shot list or ask to see their wedding photography shot list if you’re not sure what they’ll capture.

A short list of wedding photos you’d love to have is a great way to cover your bases. Of course, the style and quantity of these images will all depend on the photographer you’ve chosen and for how long you’ve hired that pro.

Find a Great Wedding Photographer


Even though it might not be possible to take all of these photos, collaborate with your photographer to select the ones you want. Any other pictures you would like taken that aren’t on this list can also be added. For example, be sure to let the photographer know if you would like a photo with your godparents, grandparents, or another significant person in your life. 

Add anything unique to your list if you want a particular moment from your day documented. Make sure to share your desired photo list with your wedding photographer well in advance so that you can complete your shot list for wedding photography before the big day.

Pre-Wedding Pictures


Seize the moment before the ceremony. To preserve this unique occasion, snap photos of your wedding party—bridesmaids, groomsmen, and any other loved ones.

To-Be-Wed 1:

  1. Clothes for the wedding or the bridal gown draped over a chair, the bedpost, or the wardrobe
  2. Dressing and applying makeup: the bridal party and honorary guest
  3. A parent or other adult guardian assisting the soon-to-be bride with the final details, like the shoes, veil, or zipped dress
  4. Detailed shot of the outfits, shoes, accessories, and any other noteworthy pieces
  5. Full-length photo of the soon-to-be bride wearing her outfit and gazing into the mirror
  6. Couple’s emotional photo with parent and stepparent or siblings
  7. To-be-wed hugging honor attendant or close friend

To-be-Wed 2:

  1. Getting ready with parents and friends (Side note: knotting a tie is a classic.)
  2. To-be-weds’ emotional snapshot with their parent(s) or stepparent(s)
  3. Heartwarming photo of a soon-to-be spouse with sibling or siblings
  4. To-be-wed with a wedding party
  5. Wedding party finishing touches to their attire (bowties or boutonnieres, for instance)

Both To-Be-Weds

  1. Before the ceremony, heartfelt photos of each soon-to-be spouse hugging and chatting with their parents.
  2. Walking down the hall, stairs, or in the backseat of a limo, each soon-to-be spouse making their way to the ceremony
  3. First look(If they decide to have one together)
  4. To-be-wed 1 ready to go
  5. To-be-wed 2 ready to go

Ideas for Wedding Ceremony Photos


  1. Photos of the venue that include details of the interior and exterior, flowers, and the ceremony site
  2. Guests arriving at the spot
  3. Ushers guiding visitors to their assigned seats
  4. Groom’s party walking down the aisle
  5. The groom and groomsmen are inside the venue, waiting.
  6. Flower girl and/or a ring bearer making their way down the aisle
  7. Bridal party entrance
  8. Bride(s) making their way down the aisle
  9. Groom’s reaction
  10. Giving the bride away by father or mother
  11. Couple at the front (including the officiant)
  12. Exchange of vows
  13. A close-up shot of the hands of the couple during the ring exchange
  14. Receiving holy communion together
  15. Praying at the Holy Mary’s alter
  16. The first kiss as a married couple
  17. Signing the marriage certificate
  18. The couple’s recessional
  19. Congratulations photos: a couple with friends and family, hugging, laughing, and crying
  20. Couple leaving the ceremony site

Wedding Party And Family Photos


  1. Couple together for a portrait
  2. Hugging or kissing as a couple
  3. Couple with bridesmaids/groomsmen
  4. Couple with the entire wedding party
  5. Couple with all parents
  6. Couple with immediate family members from both sides
  7. Couple with siblings
  8. Couple with family and relatives
  9. Couple with children

Wedding Reception


You’ll want to cherish your post-wedding celebration for a long time. Make sure your photographer captures the information that matters most to you.

  1. Details and images of the room’s décor, such as the centerpieces, place cards, favors, and table settings
  2. Wedding cake shots
  3. The couple’s grand entrance to the reception
  4. Couple at the head table, parents table, and guest tables.
  5. Speeches and toasts
  6. Couple sipping champagne
  7. Couple chit-chatting with the guests
  8. Good shot of Food
  9. Couple’s first dance
  10. Parents dance and the bride’s or groom’s mate dance
  11. Kids dancing or playing
  12. Wedding party dancing
  13. Cake cutting
  14. Couple feeding each other cake
  15. Couple interacting with guest
  16. Musicians’ and singers’ photos
  17. A couple departing from the reception
  18. A couple waving from the vehicle.

I hope this article will be helpful for photographers and couples to better organize their wedding days, check out those 14 Catholic wedding traditions!

Wedding photography shot list PDF template


Below you can find the PDF template for your wedding shot lits with extra space to add more ideas or requests from the couple, enjoy!

How to make your wedding effortless?

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