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Aster Hall is a vibrant food hall located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. The food hall is situated on the fifth floor of the 900 North Michigan Avenue Shops, an iconic shopping center on the Magnificent Mile.

Upon entering Aster Hall, visitors are greeted by an eclectic mix of vendors and dining options. The space boasts 16 different food and beverage concepts, ranging from grab-and-go stands to sit-down restaurants. Each vendor offers a unique menu, featuring everything from classic Chicago-style hot dogs to international cuisine like sushi and Mexican street food.

The atmosphere of Aster Hall is lively and bustling, with communal seating areas interspersed throughout the space. The hall is adorned with modern decor, featuring sleek lines and bright, colorful accents. The high ceilings and expansive windows provide plenty of natural light and a stunning view of the city.

In addition to food and drink options, Aster Hall also offers a variety of retail shops, including a florist, a bookstore, and a boutique selling locally-made gifts and goods.

Overall, Aster Hall is a popular destination for both locals and visitors to Chicago, offering a unique and diverse dining experience in a stylish and welcoming atmosphere.

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Address: 900 N Michigan Ave Level 5, Chicago, IL 60611


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