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Párisi Passage Café


On my last trip to Budapest, me and my mom discovered this place by accident! Waiting on our bus we started looking at the building with first-floor windows covered in beautiful pictures of some place, we thought maybe the place was under construction and might be open soon. 

But curiosity won and we walked closer, the doors were open, we walked inside, and to our surprise, we entered a wonderland! 

Parisi Passage Cafe in Budapest is a charming, historic establishment located in the elegant Parisi Udvar Hotel. It offers a blend of old-world ambiance and modern sophistication, with a beautifully restored Art Nouveau interior. Guests can enjoy a variety of gourmet dishes, artisanal pastries, and specialty coffees. The cafe is known for its luxurious atmosphere, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists looking to experience a touch of Budapest’s rich cultural heritage while savoring exquisite culinary delights.

Address: Budapest, Ferenciek tere 10, 1053 Hungary

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Prices: 4.0
Espresso: 6.0 – $3.50
Cappuccino: 8.5 – $6.00
Cheese Cake: 9.0 – $7.00
Atmosphere: 12.0
Music: 11.0

Overall Rank: 8.4


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