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Woooow! That was my first impression when I saw Dolce Arte for the first time, it offers much more than just coffee and pastry which is great by the way. It has a breakfast lunch and dinner menu, they open until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday, and they start at 7 am. 

I discovered not only that gem but also the Morgan Art Complex where Dolce Arte is located, it is another amazing place featuring different artists and running events. Stop by for exhibits of David Yarrow and  Michael Kenna.

Address: 3622 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60609

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Prices: 6.5
Espresso: 6.5 – $3.95
Cappuccino: 8.0 – $4.95
Nutella Sourdough Donut: 9.0 – $3.15
Atmosphere: 9.0

Overall Rank: 7.8


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