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Café Crèmerie, Chicago, River North

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Friday at the office, I decided to open Google maps and look for some coffee shop or cafe that I didn’t visit yet (which become harder and harder!). Searching Loop neighborhood again, I am not finding anything, moving to River North which I can easily access by train or bus (around 10 minutes) I still don’t see anything, decided to change my searches to “cafe”, and here we go I see few more option on the map, but nothing looks very attractive.

But then I saw the name Café Crèmerie, it ought my curiosity, the photos looked very well, so I decided to check it out. The rainy day wasn’t very inviting for the walk, but it was only 2 red line train stops away, “it’s Friday” I thought, “let’s start the weekend with some new discovery”.

Getting out of the “L” on Grand station, covering myself under a rain jacket, I saw the Tree Studio building (1894), amazing architecture, my favorite brick made me smile. I walked by LA Burdick (just got on my list), an interesting place with handmade chocolates. A few more steps and I am in front of Café Crèmerie.

I enter…

and at this moment I traveled throughout half of the world to find myself in a little boutique French cafe with outstanding design, classical music, and the highest quality products. I was all in.

At this moment everything disappeared, I had my lunch break and I was in a different world, enjoying cappuccino, espresso, and warmed-up chocolate croissant.

Behind this amazing place is one person, Lisa Gasparian who reopened Café Crèmerie in March 2022, after the pandemic. I am very glad she did! I will be definitely coming back here to enjoy another world!

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Address: 615 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654

Prices: 6.5
Espresso: 7.0 – $3.00
Cappuccino: 9.5 – $5.00
Chocolate Croissant: 9.5 – $4.00
Atmosphere: 10.0
Music: 10.0

Overall Rank: 8.8

Café Crèmerie

Café Crèmerie

Café Crèmerie

Café Crèmerie

Café Crèmerie

Café Crèmerie

Café Crèmerie


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