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Canal Street Market And Eatery, Chicago, Loop

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Canal Street Market and Eatery

Canal Street Market and Eatery caught my attention with beautiful images. I like places where I can “feel” good and where design and ambiance are a part of the experience, I was not disappointed! Canal Street Market and Eatery bring an interesting connection of little market and restaurant with high-quality products, good coffee, and a broad selection of food.

I am definitely coming back!


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Address: 314 S Canal St, Chicago, IL 60606

Prices: 8.0
Espresso: 5.0 – $2.75
Cappuccino: 8.0 – $3.50
Almond Croisant: 9.5 – $4.00
Atmosphere: 10.0
Music: 9.5

Overall Rank: 8.3


Hi! My name is Damian, I live in Chicago since 2015, and I am a photographer, traveler, and coffee drinker.
You can learn more about interesting places in Chicago and around the world how to take good photos of them and find a decent cup of coffee on your way!

Honorable Mention Award from “MIFA” – Moscow International Foto Awards.

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