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10 product photography ideas to attract more customers


  1. Create a Pattern

An easy way to create a punchy, memorable product photo is to create a pattern and repeat the product several times throughout the image. This method of product photography is not only easy to set up, but it’s pleasing to the eye, creating a beautiful rhythm.

  1. Add motion

Another way to grab your buyer’s attention is to present your product in motion. This photography allows buyers to visualize how your items work. These shots also help customers visualize how they will look while wearing or using your products on the go. (check out the guide on how the image below was put together)

Best Nespresso Pods

  1.  Make Texture the Focus

As online shopping becomes increasingly the norm, showcasing a product’s unique features through photography is more important than ever. When it comes to cosmetics and skincare shoots, the texture is often one of the main selling features. This photo takes an unconventional approach to texture photography, evoking a visceral sense of how this product feels to the viewer.

  1. Take a macro shot

A macro shot technique is ideal for detailed shots of products or photographs of specific parts of the item. These shots offer a close-up view of small products such as jewelry and electronics, or larger items such as home appliances.

Product photography ideas, coin

  1. Highlight the Product Features

If you’re shooting a product that has technical features, you should highlight the product feature to grab customer attention. It’s not just about the aesthetic qualities of the product. So that people can instantly tell you that the jacket is not only stylish but also waterproof, making it perfect for active people who aren’t going to stop at a little rain.

  1. Shoot from unusual angles

Some objects look impressive when shot from unconventional angles. Give site visitors a new experience with a shot of a product from a different angle. This type of photography can help you show small, unknown details about your product.

Product Photography Ideas

  1. Get creative with lighting

Lighting is very important in product photography. Natural or artificial lighting can create shadows against a solid color background or light only parts of a product and leave the rest hidden in darkness for a mysterious effect. Meanwhile, rim lighting can draw attention to the outline of your product by illuminating its sides or edges.

  1. Change your perspective

Sometimes, all it takes to make a product look enticing is a slight change in perspective. Shooting your product from a few different angles to see how it changes the look of the final image can be a good way to train your eye.

  1. Collaborate with a stylist

If you don’t have experience in product styling, you can collaborate with a stylist to build your portfolio. If you find someone you work well with, you can help book more gigs by regularly recommending each other.

Product photography

  1. Consider client needs

Your approach to every product photo you take should be informed by the final destination of the photo. Understanding your client’s needs can help you take better, more useful product photos.

What are the 5 key elements of a perfect picture in product photography?


Today, in our discussion, we will look at the elements of photography that can turn a simple subject into an excellent one.

There are five elements to a perfect picture in product photography. Every photograph, whether intentional or not, contains one or more of these elements. 


Light is the basic element that all photographs need because it illuminates the scene or subject. Whether it is natural or artificial light, the quality and direction of the light are important. Lighting helps create a certain mood within a photograph and can emphasize key elements within a frame. Similarly, lighting can help create depth and texture in an image by creating a blend of highlights and shadows.

We have to recognize that light is the most important tool that we as photographers have to use to create better quality and beautiful images.


Color helps us to set the mood of an image and can play an important role in touching the viewer on an emotional level. Color is one of the main factors responsible for making a photo seem mysterious, exciting, sad, or melancholy. 


A powerful moment is more than highlighting a specific subject or action in time. For creating a moment in Photography, the frame should hold all the elements together to tell a captivating story. When every part of the picture interacts with every other part in a way that makes the viewer think – wow that’s special and probably doesn’t happen often. 


Composition is about putting objects together in your frame in a way that emphasizes the parts you want and makes them stand out in a certain way. The composition can often be very subjective, but good composition can turn a simple scene into an image that captures the viewer’s attention. There are many rules, principles, and guidelines for creating better-composed images, but ultimately, it’s up to the photographer to find something that works for a given situation.


The distance the photographer chooses from their subject will affect the feel and overall effect of a photo. It will also determine what focal length you need to shoot at to get all the important parts of the photo in the frame. As with all five of these tools/components, there is no right or wrong way. This will vary depending on the situation and what the photographer wants to do. That being said, certain images are more powerful if shot close to the subject, making the viewer feel like they are there. Other images look much better at further distances from the subject. There should be a thought process about why we choose certain distances from our subjects and how it will make the final image look.


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