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Wedding poses ideas for photographers and couples


Are you a photographer? or are you getting married? This article is for both of you!

It is good to get familiar with some of the classic and more creative poses and shots that can be captured during the wedding, it is a special day and you want to be prepared.

Capturing beautiful wedding photographs (check the best lenses for the wedding day) requires careful planning and a variety of poses to ensure you capture all the special moments of the day. Here are some top wedding photography poses to consider:

1. Classic portraits


Wedding poses ideasThe bride and groom face the camera, or individual portraits of the bride and groom. Very classic shot that is a must, looks great when printed or as phone wallpaper.

Finding a good location that can be used as a “frame” is a nice touch and makes a photo more interesting.

2. Suprise shot


I like to follow my capsule and try to find something interesting, funny, and surprising, that is completely out of the script, be patient and it will come!

3. Candid moments


Wedding poses ideasCapture genuine smiles, laughter, and emotions throughout the day, when a couple is not even aware that you are there, that is usually when they relax and there is no pressure of “looking perfect” or the camera itself.

4. Walking hand in hand


Walking Hand in Hand Wedding poses ideasThe couple walks together, holding hands, another classic shot, they can look at the camera or at themselves, I like to use a telephoto lense for that shot.

5. Romantic embrace


Romantic Embrace Wedding poses ideasThe couple hugging or embracing each other, anything that will “show” love and emotions.

6. The kiss


Wedding kissThe iconic wedding kiss, both at the ceremony and during portraits, must have!

7. Veil shot


Capture the bride’s veil in the wind or being lifted by the groom. Don’t be afraid of being creative, not every shot has to be “perfect” or in a “perfect” location. There is no such thing as perfect, every place has a different meaning for everyone. Focus on capturing emotions during any pose, and make them smile to look happy in the moment.

8. Ring shots


Close-ups of the wedding rings, you can simply ask the couple to hold their hands and use a telephoto or macro lense to get a nice closeup of rings and creamy bokeh.

9. Friends and family portraits


Set up little space for portraits, and invite people to take photos with their families, friends, groom, and bride.

10. Family shot


Pictures with the couple’s immediate and extended family members. Classic shot that is great for the wedding album.

11. Getting ready


Candid shots of the bride and groom getting ready, not just including hair and makeup or dressing up, but also moments that are important for them, like praying with their friends before the ceremony.

12. Ceremony moments


Key moments like the vows, ring exchange, and the first kiss, also use a wide-angle lens to capture the space with the couple in the middle.

13. Reception entrance


Wedding poses ideasCapture the couple’s grand entrance into the reception.

14. Capture details


Candid shots of the couple or other things wedding-related.

15. Cutting the cake


Cutting the Cake Wedding poses ideasThe couple cutting their wedding cake, another classic shot.

16. Being Together


Let them relax and capture simple interactions of being together, I like to use a telephoto lens so they have more space for themselves and they can relax.

17. Get creative


Use the space that you are in, stairs can be a great addition to your photos, edit some photos to black & white to see if they look better and add more to the story. Take advantage of the beautiful golden hour for stunning outdoor photos, use any location you are at, fly the drone, and try to capture something unique.

Remember that these are just ideas to get you started. It’s essential to work closely with the couple and understand their preferences, style, and the unique aspects of their wedding. Some of the best shots come from spontaneous moments and natural emotions, so don’t forget to be ready to capture those as well. Let me know in the comments what wedding pose ideas you have in mind!

How to capture perfect moments?


Capturing perfect moments at a wedding requires a combination of technical skill, artistic sensibility, and a keen sense of timing. Here are some tips to help you capture those unforgettable moments:

  1. Scout the Venue: Visit the wedding venue ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the layout, lighting conditions, and potential photo locations. This will help you plan your shots and anticipate where the best moments might happen.
  2. Communicate with the Couple: Have a detailed discussion with the bride and groom to understand their preferences, the schedule of the day, and any specific moments they want you to capture. This helps you align your vision with theirs.
  3. Arrive Early: Ensure you’re at the venue well in advance. This allows you to capture candid moments during the pre-wedding preparations, set up your equipment, and test the lighting.
  4. Use High-Quality Equipment: Invest in good camera gear, including fast lenses for low-light situations and backup equipment in case of technical issues. Ensure you have ample memory cards and spare batteries.
  5. Understand Lighting: Master different lighting situations, whether it’s natural light, indoor lighting, or using flash. Adjust your settings accordingly to get well-exposed images. Utilize soft, natural light when possible for a flattering look.
  6. Stay Unobtrusive: Blend into the background as much as possible to capture genuine, candid moments. Avoid using distracting equipment or standing directly in the guests’ line of sight during key moments.
  7. Anticipate Key Moments: Be ready for essential moments like the first look, vows, ring exchange, first kiss, and other significant parts of the ceremony. Keep your camera settings adjusted for these crucial moments.
  8. Capture Emotions: Focus on facial expressions and emotions. The fleeting moments of joy, tears, and laughter are often what make wedding photos memorable.
  9. Use Continuous Shooting Mode: Set your camera to continuous shooting mode to capture a series of shots during dynamic moments. This increases the chances of getting that perfect shot.
  10. Vary Your Perspective: Experiment with different angles and compositions. Shoot from high and low angles, use wide and telephoto lenses, and try both horizontal and vertical framing.
  11. Stay Calm: Weddings can be hectic, and unexpected situations may arise. Keep your composure and adapt to the changing conditions. Stay patient and flexible.
  12. Pay Attention to Details: Capture the small, meaningful details that the couple has put thought into, such as the rings, flowers, and decorations.
  13. Work with an Assistant or Second Shooter: Having a second photographer or an assistant can help you cover more ground and ensure no moment is missed.
  14. Be Prepared for Group Shots: Organize group shots efficiently by having a list of the combinations requested by the couple. A clear and confident approach is essential to maintain order and save time.
  15. Post-Processing: The work isn’t done after the event. Spend time editing and retouching your photos to bring out their full potential.
  16. Build Rapport: Interact with the guests and make them feel comfortable around you. This can lead to more relaxed and genuine expressions in your photos.
  17. Be Ready for Spontaneity: Some of the most memorable moments happen when you least expect them. Keep your camera at the ready even during downtime.

Remember, capturing perfect moments at a wedding is not just about technical skills; it’s about telling a beautiful and emotional story through your photos. Stay attuned to the emotions of the day, and you’ll be well on your way to capturing those unforgettable moments.

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