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Americano vs. Drip Coffee, What’s the Difference?

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Americano vs. Drip Coffee

Americano vs. Drip Coffee What’s the Difference?


Drip Coffee and Americano coffee look quite similar on the surface. Because both are long and black, and both are just plain coffee. But the fact is both Drip Coffee and Americano are completely different

For starting the day, most people always prefer a good cup of coffee. It refreshes their mind and it becomes a habit for them. But one cup is not enough to work all day and stay productive. Every person’s choice of coffee is different and personal. Some people like Americano and some like Drip Coffee.

So, in this post, we will discuss Americano and Drip Coffee and the differences between them. 

What is Americano coffee?


“Americano” name was given by American soldiers in Europe during World War II, they started to add hot water to their espressos as those were stronger than the ones drank in America. (European usually use dark roaster vs. medium roaster used in the USA).

The Americano is basically an espresso shot mixed with water. You can make this drink in two different ways that can change its appearance:

  • First hot water, then espresso on top. This distillation method will keep the creme intact on top of the drink
  • Espresso first, then dilute with hot water. This will make a cup of coffee that looks exactly like a cup of black coffee.

The exact amount of water may vary depending on the location and efficiency of the barista, but the general way is to take a double shot of espresso and then fill the cup that is used with water directly from the hot water outlet of the espresso machine.

Drip coffee


What is Drip Coffee?


Using a manual pour-over method or an auto-drip coffee machine, you can make a good Drip Coffee. 

Before you make coffee, grind the coffee beans to ensure a fresh taste. For manual pour-over, hot water is poured into the coffee grounds. Controls gravity and draws hot water through the soil and you get a delicious cup of coffee. Hot water was poured inside the ground pot. 

You can make Drip Coffee in a variety of ways: using a filter, French press, or percolator. This procedure can be done using a paper filter or with a reusable filter made of fine wire mesh. Or you can buy an automatic coffee brewer or a manual coffee machine that helps you control the taste.

What’s the Difference between Americano vs Drip Coffee?


Making procedure:

The biggest difference between these two drinks is found in the process of making the drink. This includes the ingredients used, as well as the making itself.

The most important part of making the perfect cup of coffee is the creation process. Americanos are made with espresso shots and water, while Drip Coffee is made by mixing in hot water. 

Caffeine Amount:

Another difference between Americano and Drip Coffee is the amount of caffeine they use. Usually, one cup of drip coffee contains more caffeine than Americano. This is only because it is a large serving size. Drip coffee contains about 95-200 mg of caffeine whereas an Americano 94-150 mg.

So an Americano has less caffeine because it has less coffee, but you can always change the amount of espresso in your Americano. Those who are struggling with headaches or anxiety should review their caffeine intake and help resolve those issues.

Taste Between two drinks: 

Americano and drip coffee have different tastes because the preparation method is different for both of them. Differences in water temperature, water to soil ratio, grinding setting, and brewing time will result in different flavors from the same coffee.

In general, Americanos have full bodies and rich flavors, but whether any individual coffee tastes as good as Americano or drip coffee depends on the characteristics of the coffee source and the level of roast. Some coffee makes excellent espresso which makes for a delicious American. Much better than other coffee drip brews.

Bottom Line


After reading this post you will now have a better idea about Americano vs. Drip Coffee. Americanos have gained more popularity recently, so having a little knowledge can go a long way – and not just keep a conversation going! Now you can start making Americano coffee at home.

The best part of Americano is that it is a versatile drink, which means you can add different energy and liquid ratios. If you want a stronger flavored Americano, add less water. You can find the right balance that matches your taste buds.


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