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What is an AffogatoCoffee

What is an Affogato?

What is an Affogato?   In the Italian language affogato' means ‘drowned’ and this is an espresso-based dessert name. An affogato is made by pouring…
September 26, 2022
What is Cold Brew CoffeeCoffee

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

What is cold brew coffee?   Cold-brewed coffee, or cold brew, is made by steeping the coffee in room-temperature water for several hours, usually 12…
September 12, 2022
History of CoffeeCoffee

Quick History of Coffee

Coffee is one of the world's most popular beverages, with 400 billion cups served annually. The drink is made from coffee beans obtained from a…
September 6, 2022
What is Coffee CuppingCoffee

What is Coffee Cupping?

What is Coffee Cupping?   Cupping is a quantifiable and widely used method of analyzing a coffee sample, for its overall quality and individual characteristics,…
August 29, 2022