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Drip coffee vs French Press

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Drip coffee vs French press

What is drip coffee?


In your daily life, you can take drip coffee as regular coffee. Drip coffee brews using an automatic drip coffee machine. It’s very easy to prepare and requires no particular brewing experience which is the key benefit of this coffee. It is also possible to make large batches of coffee with one brewing experience, making it a popular choice for use in offices and restaurants. Drip coffee contains 2 calories per 8 oz serving. Calories in coffee come from naturally occurring proteins and oils. An 8 oz serving of drip coffee contains 300 mg of protein, 36 mg of monounsaturated fat, and 2 mg of monounsaturated fat.    

What is French press coffee?


French press is the name of a brewing method and also the name of the piece of coffee equipment that allows coffee grinds to soak directly in hot water. The spent grounds are then separated from the brewing coffee by pushing a mesh plunger to the bottom of the coffee pot. The French press is widely considered the best method for brewing premium gourmet coffee and enjoying all of its best qualities. Because French press coffee is not put through filter paper, more of the coffee’s essential oils remain in the brewed coffee and provide a stronger aroma.                             

Drip coffee vs French press: which one has more caffeine?


Many different factors can affect caffeine content in coffee. The brewing method also impacts the caffeine. Smaller grounds have more surface area for the water to touch, resulting in higher caffeine content. Likewise, hotter water extracts more caffeine. So it seems that drip coffee has higher caffeine content. French press coffee has 80-135 mg of caffeine per 8-ounce cup. And drip coffee has 95-165 mg of caffeine per 8-ounce cup. So, French press coffee ends up having slightly less caffeine than drip coffee per serving.                     

Drip coffee vs French press which one is better?


French press coffee brewing is about more than coffee. Every step of the journey, from grinding the coffee to cleaning the press, is part of the rich experience. Much of the coffee’s flavor comes from the oils. A drip machine’s paper filter retains most of these oils and they never make it to the cup. A French press lacks a paper filter and ensures the maximum flavor potential. So in this case French press, coffee offers a good aroma and rich flavor. For French press coffee, the grinds stay in the bottom of the beaker throughout the entire process. Because the grinds remain in contact with the coffee, the bean extraction never ends, creating an oily and bold taste. Unfortunately, drip coffee pots are usually poorly made. The wires break down, and the plastic parts wear and tear. So most people use the French press for life. The only thing that can break is the glass carafe which can easily be replaced. So French press coffee is better than drip coffee in many opinions. 

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