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Nomad | Chicago, River North

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Nomad Chicago

An interesting concept of bringing coffee and gift shops together, especially that Lara Moynihan and Erika Nolan, connected with woman in Mexico worked with local Mexican artisans to create and sell beautifully handcrafted items as a way to support their families.

That brought unique art pieces to Chicago!

Check out the full list of the best coffee shops in Chicago.

Address: 820 N Franklin St, Chicago, IL 60610

Prices: 6.0
Espresso: 5.0 – $3.00
Cappuccino: 9.0 – $4.50
Almond Croissant: 8.5 – $5.00
Atmosphere: 9.5
Music: 8.5

Overall Rank: 7.8


Welcome to my blog! My name is Damian, I live in Chicago since 2015. I love to share my experience and knowledge on 3 subjects Photography, Coffee and Travel! Let me tell your story and capture memories with beautiful photography! Honorable Mention Award from “MIFA” – Moscow International Foto Awards.

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